Redeem your story

Here at Suncrest United Methodist Church, we know that everyone has  a story. The beauty of the gospel is that no matter what your life's story is, Jesus has come to redeem it and give it another ending. That's why we proclaim that we can not stop speaking about what we have seen and heard!


Stigma-Free Church is a three week  series tackling tough topics of  addiction, suicide, and our mental health in hopes of educating and creating a faith community that removes the stigma of mental illness.

 Let’s talk a little bit about addiction and recovery.  

9/17/2023:  When Hope Seems Lost
This will be a heartfelt message about suicide.
Psalm13, Romans 8:35-38

9/24/2023: This Is Me
Let’s take a few moments and talk about self-care and the importance of taking time for ourselves.
Exodus 20:8-9, Luke 19:1-10


Traditional - 9:00 am

Contemporary - 11:00 AM

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